Refurbished Mobiles

We compare thousands of refurbished mobile phone contract deals from all of the major networks and mobile phone shops online. You could choose a free refurbished phone on contract from one of the latest mobiles such as the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Or alternatively, there are deals on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phones as well as models from Nokia, HTC and Sony.

Popular refurbished phone deals


What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone, sometimes also called a reconditioned phone, is a mobile phone that has been technically pre-owned previously and sent back to the manufacturer or mobile phone retailer. There are several reasons why handsets could be returned. It could have been a phone that was traded in so that a newer phone could be taken out on contact, the phone may have developed a fault and was fixed by the manufacturer or the most common reason for a refurbished phone is that a customer returned the phone back to the retailer as part of the 14 day cooling off period. A return under the cooling off period is typically due to a customer simply not “getting on” with the particular phone model or the customer was sent an unwanted upgrade phone. This means that the vast majority of refurbished smartphones are sold in excellent (as new) condition as they have typically only been used by a customer for a maximum of 14 days.

Can I get a refurbished phone on contract?

In a word, yes. Refurbished phone contracts represent the cheapest way to get hold of the latest smartphones on contract. The monthly contracts work in exactly the same way as they would if you were buying a brand new phone, but the advantage is that because you are getting a refurbished phone, you will usually get the latest mobile phone free of charge (or a much reduced initial fee for the phone). Often the actual refurbished mobile phone deals will be more generous than standard phone contracts so you will get a greater number of free minutes, free texts and free data at a lower price. Take a look at our comparison table that details the best refurbished phone contracts across all phone models so you can search for the ideal cheap mobile phone deal.

What types of refurbished phone models could I get?

You will find that all the popular new phone models are available to take out on a refurb basis. The reason for this is that people sometimes return upgrades within the initial 14 day contract renewal period so this means that the latest phone models could be bought as a refurbished phone within weeks of launch of the model. Currently you could take out a contract with a free refurbished iPhone 6, or refurbished iPhone 6 Plus, refurbished iPhone 5s, refurbished iPhone 5c, refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 or Note 4 amongst others.